There are some rules to be respected while dealing with human health and life.

1) Moral and Ethics:

A career is wonderful, beautiful and really is a gift, if it does not only serve the purpose of earning money, profits and prestige. To be a physician is great and beautiful too, if it services in the sense of our profession with all its strengths and weaknesses. Most of us have arrived this part of life to serve the purpose of our profession.


2) Economy:
We truly believe that the best development aid is well managed investment; this can create jobs in addition to augmentation to the missing services and it will be at the same time sustainable. We are determined to bring „heart & health for Africa“. Since money is the heart beat to most people, we have to have a well organized practical, economically functional idea & practice so that the project can survive over a long time and it can sustain & multiply itself. To be a good economist is not contradictory to be social, spiritual etc. The best aid is good investment, with the help of good investments we can struggle against brain drain & make brain gain for Africa. Therefore Business must be profitable!!!!


3) Teaching (knowledge Transferring):
Teaching of the professions & the public- The needs for training and funding, and especially the infrastructural development and sustainable activity against these undermined but treating health care deficits, will require a multidisciplinary, multidirectional, collaborative approach at national, international, NGO and private levels, as well as firm local commitment.


4) Charity:
It is true, health for all, is one of the most important goals for everyone to strive for it, therefore we need trained human resource, sustainable infrastructure and economy. That is why we are striving to establish a socially responsible investment to achieve this novel goal. We are eager to share some part of the profits with the needy part of the society.